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  • El Niño and the Mid-Atlantic Wave Climate

    WaveForce conducted an analysis of a 35-year wave observation data set at the US Army research pier in Duck, NC.

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  • Wave Clustering for Efficient Structural Analysis

    WaveForce has collaborated on the development of a new method for clustering directional wave spectra for efficient structural response analyses.

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  • Surf’s up!

    Check out our new custom surf forecast model for Virginia and North Carolina!

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  • New Partnership Supports Development of Offshore Wind Power

    WaveForce and RPS are developing an online data portal with forecast model validation tools for offshore wind development in Virginia. 

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Consulting Services

Wavefield Solutions for the Metocean Community


WaveForce Technologies specializes in ocean wave analysis and modeling solutions for the metocean community.  Our custom software products provide convenient solutions for complex wave measurement and analysis requirements. WaveForce consulting services include metocean studies, wave modeling applications, and the development of custom web displays.

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